Our Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) can communicate with various devices using Modbus, 0-5V input, 4-20mA analogue input plus dry contact. This allows us to monitor most, if not all, key parameters of an electrical system. Our system is able to deliver the data to you real-time, without the need for you to purchase any servers or purchase any software.

  • Voltage, Current, Power Factor
  • Power, real power, reactive power, apparent power
  • Demand, maximum demand
  • Real Energy, Reactive Energy
  • Power Quality (PQ), Voltage harmonics, Current Harmonics, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  • Voltage Surge, sags, swell
  • Protection Relay Status
  • Power Fail, MCB Trip, ELCB Trip

Monitoring of key electrical parameters; interface is our EMS.

Monitoring of protection relays by our EMS.