Environmental Monitoring System for server rooms are crucial to maintain high availability and up time. Our system allows an automated, high reliability monitoring and alerting solution. Here are the key parameters that we have monitored in various large server rooms:

  • Temperature and humidity of server rooms
  • Energy usage (kWh) for individual server racks
  • AC Fail
  • UPS: Battery error, overload
  • Power quality: Surges, brown-outs and voltage sags
  • Gas Discharge Fire Suppression System
  • Fire Alarm Panels
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)
  • Water leak, water detection system
  • Phase voltages, Current, energy (kWh) for Precision Air Conditioning Systems

The key advantages of our system are:

  1. It's a hosted solution; the Main Servers are hosted by us.
  2. If the Main Servers do not receive data from the Remote Gateway (installed at site), an SMS alert will be issued.
  3. SMS and email alerts are sent off-site. If your site is down, the alerts will still be sent.
  4. Back-up battery for at least 4 hours of operations.
  5. View data anywhere, anytime by logging into our servers. No additional cost, no need to install software.
  6. Our system has its own 3G modem; no fixed IP required.