Water is a key part of the environment monitoring system. Water is fast becoming a very precious resource, as water supply is diminishing rapidly while demand increases. 

Our solution ensures your water reticulation system is well managed. Our solution is able to provide the following real-time data, with SMS or email alerts when thresholds are breached.

  • Suction Tank Water Level (using hydrostatic water level sensors)
  • Elevated Tank Water Level
  • Water Flow-rate
  • Water Overflow Detection & Warning
  • Air-Lock detection
  • Pump run, for individual pumps
  • Pump trip, for individual pumps
  • AC / Incoming Power fail to pump panels
  • Individual phase current for pumps. This is to predict imminent pump failure.
  • Water Consumption trending

The key to good water management is to ensure there is no overflow, pumps and pipes are properly sized and most importantly, know your Water Consumption trend. The water consumption trend allows you to understand the water level at different times of the day. Without this trend, one cannot estimate tank sizes, pump power and distribution capacity.

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Ground and Elevated Water Tanks

















 Pump Panel Monitoring

Get immediate SMS or email alerts if pump or motor trips occurs; or if AC supply fails.

 Sample Monitoring Screen

 Data is collected automatically, on a minute-by-minute basis. 

 Water Level Sensor







We are able to deploy a wide rage of water level sensors, including hydrostatic, ultrasonic, floatless relay, laser and capacitive level sensors.

Water Reticulation System

Sample monitoring screen of a water reticulation system of an condominium in Bangsar. Apartments, hostels, hotels and large commercial buildings have similar systems.